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Cairobserver's 5th Issue Launch: University

Cairobserver's 5th issue, titled 'University' reflects on architectural education, reform of higher education in Egypt, the evolution of alternative education, the relationship between authorities and university faculty, the representation of university life in Arabic literature and cinema, the development of fine arts education in Egypt, and the relationship between campuses and their surrounding neighborhoods. For the launch, editors Mohamed El Shahed and Shaimaa Ashour ...

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Shady El Noshokaty: Colony - Latitude

Colony - Latitude is the first in a fifteen-part art project by Shady El Noshokaty. It consists of a sculpture, drawings, diagrams and an animated video. Like his previous multi-faceted projects, it takes an intimate personal experience as an entry point to explore the relationship between minds, physical existence and the imagination. Latitude began from exploring the form of a skin discoloration that marks the artist’s hand. He conducted an extensive online research to ...

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Roznama 4: A Competition for Upcoming Egyptian Artists

Roznama is an annual exhibition for Egyptian artists under the age of 30. It is organized by Medrar to encourage experimentation in the field of visual arts vis-a-vis orthodox approaches taught at local art academies. Starting 2014, Medrar developed Roznama into a competition, where an independent jury selects artworks through an open call to include in the show. Medrar organized Roznama 4 in collaboration with the Contemporary Image Collective.  This year's jury ...

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The Cairo Contemporary Dance Center, the first of its kind in the region

This summer witnessed the graduation of the first class from the Cairo Contemporary Dance Center, founded by acclaimed dancer Karima Mansour. Despite facing a number of hurdles over the years, including the Culture Ministry withdrawing its support halfway through the program in favor of a series of non-specialized workshops, Mansour and her students have succeeded in maintaining the center, establishing the first standard dance education program in the region and fostering ...

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Ali Abdel Mohsen: This is not Sci-Fi

Ali Abdel Mohsen (b. 1984) is one of the most exciting artists coming out of Cairo over the past few years. Through three solo drawing exhibitions and several experiments with sound, installation and video, he managed to develop a signature style. Much of his work is inspired by his hometown, but the details in his drawing are anything but representational and take viewers on endless possibilities. In this video, we invited Abdel Mohsen to have a chat with visual artist ...

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Ahmed Badry: The Provisionary That Lasts

The Provisionary That Lasts includes two huge valves that one cannot turn simultaneously, a hybrid pair of headphones, a plug and a series of drawings, all inspired by popular designs to solve everyday problems. Egyptian artist Ahmed Badry enlarges these designs and makes impeccable prototypes from cardboard, which he exhibits alongside a series of drawings that he describes as a manual. The Provisionary That Lasts is Badry's first solo show in Egypt since he returned from ...

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The Good, the Bad and the Crimson Shoe

The Good, the Bad and the Crimson Shoe is the first major show for artists Mohamed El Maghraby and Ahmed Tawfig. The show is curated by Medrar for Contemporary Art and is based on a selection from two new series the artists have been working on. Maghraby's study of architecture, as well as the aesthetics of the Internet, greatly influences his work, while Tawfig presents a group of digital prints inspired by his childhood memories. Mohamed El Maghraby (b. 1985) graduated ...

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Hussein Sherbini: Electro Chaabi

“Electro Chaabi” is Hussein Sherbini's debut album. He released it in May 2015 at Vent, a music venue in Cairo. The album title is no more than a "publicity stunt," as Sherbini explains in this interview with Cairo-based critic Rami Abadir. The sound is very different from the increasingly popular genre, but also from Sherbini's earlier work. In this interview, Sherbini discusses how he experiments and "chases" different sound ideas to build his music ...

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Studio Visit: Hany Rashed's 'Bulldozer'

Late last year, we visited Cairo-based artist Hany Rashed in his studio in Al-Haram neighborhood. He was still developing his new project, titled "Bulldozer" and allowed us to watch him work on one of the paintings in the series. "Bulldozer" as Rashed explains is a development to his two most recent exhibitions "Asa7by" and "Toys", but it's also different in how he started drawing more freehand. The last few paintings in the ...

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Alif: Aynama-Rtama

[Courtesy of Alif]

Alif, a band of five musicians at the forefront of the Arab underground music scene, is launching its debut album Aynama-Rtama (Wherever It Falls) on the 4 September 2015. Conceived in 2012 and taking its name from the first letter of the Arabic alphabet, Alif features Khyam Allami (Oud), Tamer Abu Ghazaleh (Vocals/Buzuq), Bashar Farran (Bass), Maurice Louca (Keys/Electronics), and Khaled Yassine (Drums/Percussion). Recorded in Beirut and Cairo in 2014, the album reflects ...

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From Rags to Riches: On Public Art in Cairo

From rags to riches is a year-long project initiated by the Cairo-based foundation Baad el Bahr and curated by Mashrabia Gallery to produce a number of art installations and projects made from recycled materials for pubic spaces across the city. The first phase of the project was a four-day workshop in March, led by Dutch public space designer Marjet Wessels Boer and Italian material processing artist Eugenia Morpurgo. The workshop offered training for artists to increase ...

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A Walk Through 'Ahmed's Revenge and Other Untold Stories'

Ahmed’s Revenge and Other Untold Stories is Mohamed Abdelkarim’s first solo exhibition. It brings together a selection of videos, installations, books, digital images, sculptures, found materials and objects he produced from 2010 to 2015. On the opening night, Abdelkarim presented Ahmed's Revenge, a performance commissioned by AUC-LAB, and is part of the series Possibilities of Telling a Story.  In his work, Abdelkarim probes the narrative patterns of myth, ...

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Chocolate Bar of the Future

Chocolate bar of the future is Hend Samir's first solo show. It is organized and hosted by Medrar for Contemporary Art as one of the awards for its annual arts competition titled Roznama. The exhibition takes a critical view of modern consumerism, individuals’ shopping habits and the role of advertising in manipulating consumer behavior. Chocolate Bar of the Future emulates the visual and sentimental experiences of shopping, with a collection of paintings based on ...

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Sharjah Biennial 12: Uriel Barthelemi's Souls' Landscapes

Souls' Landscapes is a three-part performance produced by Uriel Barthelemi in collaboration with Entissar Al Hamdany, Joel Lokossou, Rigo 23, and Fabrice Taraud. It is loosely inspired by Frantz Fanon's 1961 book The Wretched of the Earth and incorporates music, dance, shadow, and text, developed using a personal and improvisational approach by the artists involved in the project. The artists performed parts I and II of the triptych during the opening week of Sharjah ...

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Naema’s Office is Bleeding

Medrar for Contemporary Art started its new workshop program this year with a painting and collage workshop led by Cairo-based artist Hany Rashed. The workshop aimed to introduce participants to different practices and techniques in painting and collage and to train them in conceptualizing artworks, inspired by media and the internet. Guest artists Huda Lutfi, Mohammed Taman, Shady El Noshokaty, Mohamed Abla and Ahmed Sabry were also invited to share their personal and ...

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This is the Time. This is the Record of the Time

Curators Angela Harutyunyan and Nat Muller take the cue for their latest exhibition 'This is the time. This is the record of the time" from Laurie Anderson's 1982 song "From the air" where she describes the duration between becoming conscious that the plane will crash and its actual impact - a moment when time and space collapse. It represents the ultimate loss of control, over time or anything else for that matter. The curators argue that this idea and ...

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Farida El Gazzar's Dream City: Drawings and Paintings from Cairo

Gypsum Gallery celebrated the launch of its new space with a solo show by Egyptian-Greek artist Farida El Gazzar. Titled 'Dream City,' it brings together a collection of small-scale drawings and paintings produced between 2012 and 2015. The exhibition acts as a visual memoir of Cairo for the Athens-based artist, and is based on old family photographs, as well as snapshots of Cairo and Alexandria taken on annual summer vacations. One group of work activates her ...

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What's the Vision Behind D-CAF's 2015 Music Program?

In this video, journalist and co-founder Abdel-Rahman Hussein interviews Mahmoud Refat about the vision for the music program in the 4th Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF). Refat, an acclaimed musician from Cairo and founder of 100Copies label and 100Copies Music Space has been curating the music component of D-CAF since its inception, bringing in a range of local, regional and international artists such as Emel Mathlouthi, Yasmine Hamdan, Ali ...

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Studio Visit: Lebanese Artist and Musician Raed Yassin

In this video, we visit Lebanese artist and musician Raed Yassin in his studio in Beirut. He tells us about his ongoing interest in Egyptian cinema and how he uses it as a reference for many of his art projects be they video, photography, sound, installation or his well known neon signs. Yassin has been interested in Egyptian cinema because of its wide appeal in the Arab region. He borrowed a line from the famous Lembi film series to name the artist collective he ...

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Highlights from the 4th Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival

In this interview, Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival Artistic Director Ahmed El Attar discusses the festival's vision and how it has evolved over the past four years. A main priority for D-CAF which is gradually being realized is expanding the contemporary arts audience base be it theater, dance, music or visual arts. Another priority area for the festival is bringing bigger and more exciting shows to Cairo's streets. To achieve this, Attar would like to build partnerships ...

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Medrar TV مدرار تي في


Bridging the gap between the public and artistic practicioners of various diciplines, Medrar.TV is a web-based channel that documents contemporary arts in Egypt and other Arab countries. Coverage includes visual art exhibitions, multi-disciplinary festivals, performances, concerts, workshops, artists’ studio visits and various interviews, with a focus on delivering this content in Arabic and English. Medrar.TV acts as a media outlet and open archive that aims at making contemporary arts more accessible to a wider audience in the region. The channel has been broadcasting episodes since February 2012.




Medrar.TV is generously supported by the Arab Digital Expression Fund, ADEF



مدرار تي في هي قناة على الانترنت توثق الفنون المعاصرة بمصر والدول العربية من معارض فنون بصرية وإحتفالات وعروض تجريبية فى المسرح والموسيقى، بالإضافة إلى اللقاءات والمناقشات وورش العمل، كما تقوم القناة بالتسجيل مع الفنانين فى أماكن عملهم، وتهدف القناة التي تؤدي كذلك دور الأرشيف المفتوح إلى توفير التسجيلات باللغة العربية والانجليزية لتجذب اهتمام الجمهور بالمنطقة العربية إلى الفنون المعاصرة، وتعرض القناة تسجيلاتها منذ فبراير ٢٠١٢.

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هذا المشروع بدعم كريم من مؤسسة التعبيرالرقميالعربي، أضف

Medrar.TV team - فريق عمل مدرار تي في

Mohamed Allam, co-founder and director

Allam is a visual artist who lives in Cairo. He studied at the Faculty of Art Education, and since 2003 has exhibited widely in Egypt and abroad. Allam co-founded Medrar for Contemporary Art in 2005 to support the work of upcoming artists working in new media.

محمد علام، مؤسس مدرار تي في ومخرج الحلقات

علام فنان بصرى يعمل بالقاهرة، درس التربيه الفنيه بجامعة حلوان، وتُعرض أعماله منذ ٢٠٠٣ بمصر والخارج، كما شارك في تأسيس مؤسسة مدرار للفن المعاصر في ٢٠٠٥، وهي مؤسسة تساند الفنانين الشباب الذين يجربون في فنون الميديا

Mai Elwakil, co-founder and producer

Elwakil is a writer based in Cairo. She was the culture editor at the English language news website Egypt Independent until April 2013 and currently contributes to various publications. She blogs at Arab Art Beat.

مي الوكيل، مؤسس مدرار تي في ومعد الحلقات

الوكيل كاتبة صحفية تعمل بالقاهرة، عملت كمحرر قسم الثقافة بجريدة إيجيبت إندبندنت الصادرة بالانجليزية حتى أبريل ٢٠١٣، وهي تكتب لمطبوعات مختلفة بالإضافة إلى مدونة أرابأرتبيت

Mohammad Helmy, videographer, editor and sound specialist

Helmy experiments with photography, filmmaking and editing, finding innovative solutions to technical problems and hardware design. He also produces short documentaries for Dawayr e-magazine

محمد حلمي، مصور وفني صوت ومونتير

حلمي دائم التجريب في الفوتوغرافيا والتصوير والإخراج، ولديه القدرة على إيجاد حلول مبدعة للمشاكل التقنية، كما يقوم حلمي بانتاج أفلام وثائقية قصيرة لمجلة دواير الالكترونية

Esraa Elfeky, videographer and editor

Elfeky is an artist based in Cairo. She graduated from the School of Art Education in 2011, and has since taken part in group shows including a sculpture show at the Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum, Bearing Witness at Medrar for Contemporary Art and the 23rd Youth Salon.

إسراء الفقي، مصور ومونتير

الفقي فنانة بصرية تعمل بالقاهرة، تخرجت من كلية التربية الفنية بجامعة حلوان عام ٢٠١١، وشاركت بالعديد من الورش والمعارض الجماعية أهمها معرض نحت بمتحف محمود مختار، ومعرض شهادات محتملة، بمدرار للفن المعاصر وصالون الشباب الثالث والعشرين

Kotb-Nakata, video editor

Kotb Abdelrahim Kotb (aka KOTB-NAKATA) is a talented young editor and director who experiments with various techniques to produce captivating short film clips, trailers and music videos.

قطب-نكاتا، مونتير

قطب عبد الرحيم قطب هو مونتير ومخرج شاب، يسخر أساليب مونتاج بسيطة ومتنوعة لإخراج مقاطع أفلام قصيرة وفيديوهات موسيقى


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