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Foti Benlisoy


Between 'Sultanism' and Liberal Democracy: The Peculiarities of a Failed Coup in Turkey

[President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Image via The (Russian) Presidential Press and Information Office]

The dominant mainstream Western media narrative regarding the failed military coup in Turkey revolves around the theme of a democratically-elected leader going mad and suddenly becoming an autocrat. It reminds one of the good old themes of “sultanism” or “oriental despotism.” Of course, the massive purges that are currently taking place give credit to that narrative. This narrative seems to be very popular even among some Western leftist publications and ...

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Does an Anti-War Stance Suffice in Syria?

[People gathered to protest a potential attack on Syria in Istanbul. © Adnan Onur ACAR / Nar Photos.]

There is no need to beat around the bush and no need to preach to the choir about this subject, about which so much has already been written. The thesis of “humanitarian intervention,” also known as “military humanism”—which consists of the argument that when faced with grave human violations committed at the national level, the “international community” reserves the right to undertake a military intervention—is an argument that has been used to legitimate a series of ...

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Savas karsitligi yeter mi?

[Image via]

Savaş karşıtlığı yeter mi? Lafı fazla dolandırmanın, amiyane tabirle tereciye tere satmanın lüzumu yok, zaten malum konu hakkında hayli kapsamlı bir literatür mevcut: “Askeri hümanizm” olarak da anılan “insani müdahale” tezi, yani ulusal düzeyde gerçekleşen vahim insan hakları ihlalleri karşısında “uluslararası toplumun” askeri müdahalede bulunma hakkı olduğu argümanı, ABD’nin Bosna, Kosova ve hatta Afganistan ve Irak’ta olduğu gibi bir dizi askeri girişimini meşrulaştıran ...

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