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Victor Kattan


Oil. Religion. Occupation. ... A Combustible Mix.

[Crop of image of Gazan city Jabalia. Image by ISM Palestine. From Wikimedia Commons.]

Overview A Freedom of Information request with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) by Al-Shabaka has led to the release of new documents on Gaza’s gas fields, and surprising new information about the possibility of oil fields in the West Bank. The released documents support Al-Shabaka’s previous policy brief The Gas Fields off Gaza: A Gift or a Curse?, which argued that the principal stumbling block to the development of the gas fields in Gaza is Israel’s refusal ...

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Israel’s Nukes Derail U.S. Nonproliferation Goals

[Satellite image of an Israeli nuclear reactor near Dimona, circa 1968. Image by Wikimedia Commons.]

How Israel Torpedoes Nonproliferation Strengthening the international nonproliferation regime is one of President Obama’s key foreign policy goals. During a speech in Prague, in April 2009, he announced his “intention to seek a world free from the threat of nuclear weapons.” He argued that because the United States was the “only power to have used a nuclear weapon” he and his fellow countrymen had a “moral responsibility to act” by leading the disarmament agenda. The US ...

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The Failure to Establish Democracy in Palestine: From the British Mandate to the Present Times

[Image from]

In the wake of the Arab revolutions gripping North Africa and the Middle East, it would be worth reminding ourselves of some of the factors that have frustrated the Palestinians from establishing a democratic government in Palestine. To a greater extent than in other Arab countries, the struggle for democratic government in Palestine has always been constrained by the Israel-Palestine conflict.  In 2006, Hamas won the legislative elections whilst many of its ...

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Victor Kattan


Victor Kattan is the author of From Coexistence to Conquest:  International Law and the Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 1891-1949 (London: Pluto Books, 2009) and The Palestine Question in International Law (London:  British Institute of International and Comparative Law, 2008).  Victor was a Teaching Fellow at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London from 2008-2011 where he is presently completing his PhD.  Previously Victor worked for the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (2006-2008), Arab Media Watch (2004-2006), and the BADIL Resource Centre for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights as a UNDP TOKTEN consultant (2003-2004).