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Rami Elamine


Defeating the Enemy: A Response to Khalid Saghieh

[Protest against US strike on Syria in San Francisco on 16 September 2013. Image by Debra Sweet via Flickr]

Khalid Saghieh’s “Sleeping with the Enemy: The Global Left and the ‘No to War’ Discourse” in Jadaliyya leaves a lot of questions unanswered, including where exactly he stands on the question of a military strike on Syria. Saghieh, a former editor of the leftist Lebanese daily al-Akhbar, accuses the anti-war movement, particularly in the United States, of siding with the “far right” and making arguments that are Islamophobic, steeped in “cultural imperialism,” and indifferent ...

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Rami Elamine


Rami El-Amine is an Arab American anti war activist and writer with Follow him at @relamine.