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Eliane Raheb


New Texts Out Now: Eliane Raheb, Sleepless Nights

[Poster for the film

Eliane Raheb, director. Sleepless Nights [Layali Bala Noom]. Itar Productions, 2012. Jadaliyya (J): What made you create this film? Eliane Raheb (ER): The idea of executing the Sleepless Nights documentary came gradually. I first read the apology and the confessions of Assaad Shaftari back in 2002, when a local newspaper published them in a three-part series. He answered several questions I had after the end of the civil war. I read his testimony, but I wanted ...

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Eliane Raheb


Eliane Raheb is the director of two short films, The Last Screening and Meeting, and of the documentaries Karib Baiid (So Near Yet So Far), Intihar (Suicide), and Hayda Lubnan (“This Is Lebanon”), which received the Excellency Award at the Yamagata film festival, and was broadcast on ARTE/ZDF/Al Jadeed and NHK. Layali Bala Noom (Sleepless Nights), released in 2012, is her first feature documentary. With Nizar Hassan, she founded ITAR productions and the cross media documentary Arabi Hor (Free Arabs), a project on the dailies of people within the Arab revolutions, which produced 160 short documentaries aired online. She is also one of the founders of the cultural cooperative for cinema Beirut DC, where she was the artistic director of the “Ayam Beirut al Cinem’iya” film festival for six editions.