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Mohamed Ali eddin


Beard Phobia

[Ahmed Samir, thirty-three, a businessman, became a Salafi and has had a beard since 2001. After the dispersing of pro-Morsi protesters from around the Rabaa Al-Adawiya mosque, Samir decided to shave off his beard since he had heard of friends being harassed in the streets. Photo by Mohamed Ali eddin.]

[Photos and text by Mohamed Ali eddin.] During the 25 January 2011 revolution, Egyptians thought they were united against President Mubarak’s regime. They believed in the power of Tahrir Square, in how the square gathered Islamists, liberals, and leftists together against injustice and dictatorship. People dared to imagine that they would achieve freedom, better economic conditions, and justice. Instead, two years later, after the Islamists under President Morsi ...

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Silver Faces

[A young worker poses at an aluminum polishing workshop in the city of Mit Ghamr, in Egypt’s Delta. Photo by Mohamed Ali eddin.]

[Photos and text by Mohamed Ali eddin.] Over the past fifty years Mit Ghamr has been transformed from an agricultural city to a huge industrial hub. At the heart of the Egyptian Delta thousands of farmers left their plots to join the thriving new industry of making aluminum pots. The faces of workers, including children, are turned silver after long hours in the aluminum workshops and factories. Most of the polishing workshops are narrow and the air is full of aluminum ...

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Mohamed Ali eddin

Mohamed Ali eddin is a freelance photojournalist in Egypt who is interested in human rights and workers’ issues. Most of his photo stories reflect on life outside Cairo where people suffer from a lack of public services. He spends a lot of time travelling across the country looking for new stories.      

He began his career as a reporter and moved into photojournalism when he realized the power of combining words and images to tell important stories.

His work can be viewed on his Flickr page.