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Ahmed Dailami


Laughing Through the Tears: Satirical Theatre From the Peninsula

[Screenshot from Bye Bye London (1981), taken from Youtube.]

There is a genre of satirical theatre from the Arab world that is correctly presumed dead. Famous among millions, Egyptian plays like Madrasat al-Mushaghibeen [The School of Criminals], Shahed Ma Shafsh Haga [A Witness Who Saw Nothing], and Al ‘Eyal Kebret [The Kids Have Grown Up] retain iconic, if “vintage” status in popular culture throughout the Arabic-speaking world. Their witticisms still grace daily conversations decades after they were first performed. And while the ...

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Ahmed Dailami


Ahmed Dailami is a doctoral candidate at the Department of Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford. His research focuses broadly on the history of petroleum in the Middle East, and particularly on nationalism, decolonization, and revolution in Bahrain and the Arabian Peninsula.