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Nader Atassi

Vox Populi Page Co-Editor

Rojava and Kurdish Political Parties in Syria

[Kurdish female members of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) stand guard at a check point near the northeastern city of Qamishli, Syria.]

The Syrian uprising has presented Syrian Kurds with an opportunity to assert self-determination in a variety of ways, despite divisions within the community. Some Kurdish political parties have been able to exploit the evolving nature of the crisis and reap considerable gains. Despite many obstacles and much suffering, they have been able to achieve de facto autonomy in much of the territories where they comprise a majority of the population. Historically hostile to the ...

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Nader Atassi


Nader Atassi is a researcher and writer. His academic research focuses on the political economy of Syria and the changing dynamics of Syria's civil war. He is also the Publications Manager of Tadween Publishing.