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Hiba Bou Akar and Nada Moumtaz

الصراع على الحيز المديني: حوار مع ديفد هارفي

[ديفيد هرفي ]

لماذا تهم الصراعات المدينية في مشاريع التغيّر الاجتماعي؟ ما أهمية استعادة الحيز العام في الحركات الاجتماعية؟ كيف نعيد التفكير بما هو ممكن في هذه اللحظة العالمية المظلمة من التفاوتات المدينية الحادّة واللامساواة الاجتماعية؟ من أجل أجوبة عميقة لهذه الأسئلة، أجرينا مقابلة مع ديفد هارفي David Harvey في 24 تشرين الأول/أوكتوبر 2013. هارفي أستاذ الأنثروبولوجيا والجغرافيا المتميّز في مركز الدراسات العليا في جامعة مدينة نيويورك، ومدير مركز الحيز والثقافة والسياسة، ...

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Persian Translation of 'On Why Struggles Over Urban Space Matter: An Interview with David Harvey'

[دیوید هاروی]

[This interview was originally conducted in English by Hiba Bou Akar and Nada Moumtaz with David Harvey. It was published as "On Why Struggles Over Urban Space Matter" by Jadaliyya. It was translated into Persian by Parvis Sedaghet and published by Naghd-e-Ightisad-e-Siyasi (Critique of Political Economy).]

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On Why Struggles over Urban Space Matter: An Interview with David Harvey

[David Harvey]

Why do urban struggles matter in projects of social change? What is the importance of reclaiming public space in social movements? And at this gloomy global moment of extreme urban disparities and social inequalities, how do we re-think what is possible? For insights on these questions, we interviewed David Harvey on 24 October 2013. Harvey is the Distinguished Professor of Anthropology & Geography at the Graduate Center of the City University of New ...

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Hiba Bou Akar and Nada Moumtaz


Hiba Bou Akar is an Assistant Professor of Urban Planning and Middle Eastern Studies at Hampshire College. She has published articles on geographies of planning, war, violence, security, and religious political organizations. She was the co-editor of Narrating Beirut from its Borderlines (Heinrich Boll Foundation, 2011) and a special issue on “Security and the City” in City & Society (2012). She is currently working on a book project entitled Planning Beirut: For the War Yet to Come, focusing on the spatial practices of religious-political organizations in shaping post civil war frontier geographies. Hiba is a co-editor of Jadaliyya's Cities Page. Click here to visit her Hampshire College profile

Nada Moumtaz is an Assistant Professor in Comparative Studies and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at the Ohio State University. She is working on a book on the politics, ethics, and economics of charitable giving in Beirut, Lebanon.