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Sherif Thabet

Two from the Counter-Revolution

[Sherif Thabet: Hizb al-Kanaba (Cairo: Dar Kayyan, 2011)]

Each of the stories in Sherif Thabet’s 2011 collection, The Couch Party (Hizb al-Kanaba), explores the everyday violence, hypocrisy and despair of Egypt’s demobilized majority. The Couch Party is, of course, the revolutionary term for those who did not participate in the 25 January Uprising, those who preferred to watch it on television, and those who decided it was safer to stay at home until things calmed down again. In Thabet’s telling, the Couch Party is a critical force ...

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Sherif Thabet is an Egyptian author of novels, including Anin (Cairo: Dar Merit, 2010), Taht al-Ard (Cairo: Dar Dawwin li-l-Nashr wa-l-Tawzi', 2010), al-Tayyar (Cairo: Dar Layla) and Nur al-‘Abbasi (Cairo: Dar Oktob, 2013). He is also author of two collections of short stories, including Mizaj Sabahi (Cairo: Book House, 2010), and Hizb al-Kanaba (Cairo: Dar Kayyan, 2011).