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Nadia Bou Ali


On the Re-Mythification of the Arab

[Image from unknown source.]

Accompanying the ongoing events in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain and Libya has been an emerging narrative of an “Arab awakening” that has been launched by so-called Arab revolutionaries. One can see this slogan, “the Arab Awakening,” promoted through various media, not least by the increasingly popular Al-Jazeera news channel.  In a recent article entitled “It’s Arab and it’s Personal” the “awakening” is declared to have the power to “rewrite history” ultimately ...

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Nadia Bou Ali


Nadia Bou Ali is an intellectual historian. Her research draws on critical theory, Marxism, and psychoanalysis. She is co-founder of BICAR (Beirut Institute for Critical Analysis and Research) and teaches at the American University of Beirut's Civilization Studies Program.