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Jared McCormick


The Whispers of WhatsApp: Beyond Facebook and Twitter in the Middle East

[Screenshot of WhatsApp chat. Image provided by Jared McCormick]

Like many in Beirut this summer, I found out about one of the recent bombings from a WhatsApp message on my mobile phone. I received a single word text from a friend: infijar (explosion). A second later the image below popped up on my phone screen. One of his friends, who was closer to Dahiyeh, sent him the photograph from where he was located shortly after the bomb went off. My friend then forwarded this image to me along with his one word report. Infijar is a heavy and all ...

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Jared McCormick


Jared McCormick is a PhD Candidate in Social Anthropology at Harvard University. His research interests include tourism, migration, nationalism, gender, and sexuality in the Middle East. He is also codirector of marra.tein in Beirut.