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Gautam Bhatia


Brushing History against the Grain

[Detail from the cover of

Abdel Razzaq Takriti, Monsoon Revolution: Republicans, Sultans, and Empires in Oman, 1965-1976. New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013. We are left alone with our day, and the time is short, and
 History to the defeated
 May say Alas but cannot help nor pardon. - W.H. Auden, “Spain” It is now trite to say that as long as colonialism has existed, so has resistance to it. Yet the history of colonialism and resistance is still incomplete. This is ...

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Gautam Bhatia


Gautam Bhatia is a student of law and legal history, presently studying for a Master’s Degree at the Yale Law School. He has studied at the National Law School of India University (Bangalore), and at the University of Oxford, and worked at the Indian Supreme Court. At the Yale Law School, he is presently engaged in a research project investigating international law issues of nationality in the context of post-1948 Palestine. He has published on free speech in The National Law School of India Review, on constitutional law at the Oxford Human Rights Hub, and is at work on a chapter on the Indian constitution for an Oxford Handbook, forthcoming in 2015. He writes about Indian constitutional law and history here, and about literature here.