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Liana Aghajanian


Proverbs, Politics, and Paris: An Interview with Nancy Kricorian

[Nancy Kricorian. Photo by James Schamus.]

Nancy Kricorian loves proverbs, especially Armenian ones. She has been collecting them for years, finding them in various books and corners of the internet and then saving them in her ever growing collection, which she shares through social media. Her current favorite—“Law is written for the rich, punishment for the poor”—is more than fitting for the novelist, poet, and activist, who strives to highlight those standing at the margins of society, whether through her novels or ...

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Liana Aghajanian


Liana Aghajanian is a journalist whose work has appeared in Foreign Policy, the BBC,, and Roads & Kingdoms, among others. She is founder of Ianyan Magazine, an online zine that covers news and views from Armenia and its worldwide diaspora, and is a 2013 International Reporting Project Fellow in Global Religion. You can follow her @LianaAgh.