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Mathew Gagné and Adriana Qubaia


The Delusions of Representing Male Homosexuality in Beirut

[Graffiti on the walls in Hamra neighborhood of Beirut, circa 2010-2011. Image by Mathew Gagne]

Journalistic and popular accounts have often extolled Beirut as a haven for gay men. These accounts of male homosexuality in Beirut–like this NYT article, this NPR recording, as well as these articles in The Guardian and the Huffington Post–produce a particularly problematic model of queer[1] life in the city. This model uses several sets of binaries to make sense of sexual non-normativity (queerness) in the city without reflecting on who and what this narrow grid excludes. ...

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Mathew Gagné and Adriana Qubaia


Mathew Gagné in an anthropology PhD student at the University of Toronto. His dissertation research focuses on the impact of gay dating technologies on the formations of queer subjectivities and socialities in Beirut. He has previously written on then topic in an article entitled “Queer Beirut online: the participation of men in” in the fall 2012 issue of the Journal of Middle East Women's Studies


Adriana Qubaia is a PhD candidate in the department of Gender Studies in the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. Through ethnographic research in Beirut, she is exploring the mechanisms of gendering political activisms, including the interactions between politics of queer (in)visibility and sexual identity formations and negotiations.