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Kamal Chomani


Freedom of the Press at a Crossroads in Iraqi Kurdistan

[Media swarm the

It appears there are but two ways to depict livelihood in Iraqi Kurdistan. Western journalists covering the area commonly invoke the region's new luxury hotels and airports as symbols of its progress and prosperity. On the other hand, local journalists who document the corrupt deals behind the business boom report receiving death threats regularly and some have been murdered for their work.   Kawa Garmyani, a reporter for the weekly Awene and editor ...

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Kamal Chomani


Kamal Chomani is a Kurdish journalist writing on the political affairs of the Kurdistan Regional Government and covering Kurdish politics in Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey for leading impartial Kurdish media outlets. Chomani has had a regular column for The Kurdistan Tribune since 2010 and previously served on the editorial staff of leading Kurdish political Lvin Magazine and as a former Reporters Without Borders correspondent for the Kurdistan Region. He was shortlisted in the 2013 International Media Awards and holds an MA in English literature in Bangalore University, India.