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Myriam Dalal


My Dahiyeh: Notes on the Dehumanization of A Beirut Neighborhood

[Left to right: Ali Khadra andMalak Zahwi. Image composite via Individual images via Facebook]

I grew up in the neighborhood of Bir al-‘Abed. As pictures emerged of Malak Zahwi and Ali Khadra (two of the now five people killed when a car bomb went off in the neighborhood on Thursday 2 January 2014), I noticed how some people appeared amazed to see these "civilians" dead in Dahiyeh.
It made me realize that my Dahiyeh might not resemble the Dahiyeh many Lebanese have never even visited, but have certainly conceived in their imagination. It is something they ...

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Myriam Dalal


Myriam Dalal is currently an arts and culture reporter at She previously worked for both An-Nahar and Al-Akhbar newspapers as a freelance art reporter in 2011. Myriam (AKA Mimi the Bee) holds an MA degree in Fine Arts from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA). She is an emerging artistic photographer. Myriam is both the vocalist and songwriter for the Lebanese band, Nachaz.