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Nadir Bouhmouch


The Moroccan Non-Exception: 'Much Loved' and Realism, Colonialism, and Pornography in Moroccan Cinema

[Screenshot of the trailer for the film

[The following is the second installment in "The Moroccan Non-Exception" Jadaliyya roundtable. Read the introduction here.] A wave of contentious reactions have dominated the Moroccan media landscape following the release of Nabil Ayouch's new film Much Loved, a fictional story about three Moroccan prostitutes in Marrakech. The reactions to the film are based on several extracts and a trailer that emerged online, some of which contained sexually explicit ...

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The Tindouf Refugee Camps: A Moroccan’s Reflections

[Image from the Tindouf refugee camp in Algeria. Image from Josephine Douet, FiSahara 2013.]

[Note from the Maghreb Page Editors: In coverage of the Western Sahara, the preferred adjective describing the conflict is “forgotten.” The Sahrawi are a forgotten people, their struggle for justice framed as a relic of a bygone age of liberation movements and decolonization. Such nostalgic portrayals impress the anachronistic nature of the subject; the forty-year virtual impasse in negotiations suggests that world leaders are content to relegate the Western Sahara issue to ...

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Nadir Bouhmouch


Nadir Bouhmouch is an award-winning Moroccan filmmaker, human rights activist, and feminist. In his 2011 film “My Makhzen & Me” Nadir became the only filmmaker to document the Moroccan pro-democracy 'February 20th movement.' His second film, “475” covered Morocco’s rape to marry law and the Amina Filali affair. “475” was nominated by Reporters Without Borders' and the Deutsche Welle's "The Bobs" awards for Best Social Activism. With other young Moroccan filmmakers, Nadir has also begun a campaign against filmmaking regulations in Morocco which he sees as a constraint on freedom of expression.