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Claire Beaugrand, Amélie Le Renard, and Roman Stadnicki

New Texts Out Now: Claire Beaugrand, Amélie Le Renard, Roman Stadnicki, Villes et dynamiques urbaines en péninsule Arabique / Cities and Urban Dynamics in the Arabian Peninsula

Claire Beaugrand, Amélie Le Renard, and Roman Stadnicki (eds.), "Villes et dynamiques urbaines en péninsule Arabique / Cities and Urban Dynamics in the Arabian Peninsula." Special issue of Arabian Humanities 2 (2013). Jadaliyya (J): Can you first tell us about Arabian Humanities, and why you chose to publish this collection of essays in this particular journal? Claire Beaugrand, Amélie Le Renard, and Roman Stadnicki (CB, ALR, and RS): Arabian Humanities is a ...

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Claire Beaugrand, Amélie Le Renard, and Roman Stadnicki


Claire Beaugrand is a Research Fellow at the Institut Français au Proche Orient (Ifpo) in the Palestinian Territories. She received a PhD in International Relations from the London School of Economics in January 2011. Her doctoral thesis, investigating the emergence and persistence of statelessness as a core political issue in Kuwait, will be published by I.B. Tauris under the title Stateless in the Gulf: Migration, Nationality, and Society in Kuwait. Her research focuses on conceptions of nationality and transnational networks as they apply to Kuwait and Bahrain, providing good angles to study the evolution of internal and external boundaries of Gulf polities and political system. She now focuses on the little-studied phenomenon of out-migration in the Gulf through researches on the Bahraini diaspora, looking at the second generation of émigrés (to be published in the edited book by Abdulhadi Khalaf, Omar AlShehabi, and Adam Hanieh entitled New Perspectives on Labour and Migration in the Gulf Cooperation Council (I.B. Tauris, 2014) as well as on the Gulf-Palestinian networks that privately invest in Palestine.

Amélie Le Renard is a permanent researcher at the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique/National Center of Scientific Research). Her PhD research was an ethnographic study of young urban Saudi women's lifestyles and access to public spaces in Riyadh, published in French under the title Femmes et espaces publics en Arabie Saoudite (Women and Public Spaces in Saudi Arabia) (Paris: Dalloz, 2011). She then worked on another book project in English, to be published in June 2014, entitled A Society of Young Women: Opportunities of Place, Power, and Reform in Saudi Arabia (Stanford University Press). Since then, she has participated in several collective projects about gender, sexuality, and nation, and has done research about the promotion of national women's employment in Gulf countries within the broader framework of the "nationalization of jobs" that aims at replacing foreigners by nationals. She is currently interested in multinational professional worlds in Riyadh, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, interviewing expatriates self-defined as "Westerners." Her latest article, in French, deals with competing masculinities in a multinational firm in Riyadh.

Roman Stadnicki is doctor in urban geography and head of the urban studies department at CEDEJ (Centre d’Etudes et de Documentation Economiques, Juridiques et Sociales) research center in Cairo under the umbrella of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and CNRS. His doctoral thesis investigates the challenges of the contemporary urbanization of Sana'a (Yemen). He now analyzes the effects of the political transition on urbanization in the Arab world: development of informal urbanism, emergence of urban activism, rewriting of urban politics, etc. He has mainly worked in Yemen, the Gulf, and Egypt. His latest article, in French, deals with the emergence of urban activism in Cairo since the 2011 revolution.