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Jihad Farah


Matter Matters

[Cover of Ralf Brand and Sara Fregonese,

Ralf Brand and Sara Fregonese, The Radicals' City: Urban Environment, Polarization, Cohesion. Surrey: Ashgate, 2013. The Radicals’ City is a rich and illuminating book on the intricate relations between the urban environment as a material setting and socio-spatial conflict-related phenomena, such as radicalization, polarization, and social cohesion. Brand and Fregonese’s message is simple but raises at the same time profound philosophical and existential questions regarding ...

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Jihad Farah


Jihad Farah is an architect and urban planner. He has a PhD in urban planning from the university of Liège, Belgium. He is currently a research fellow at the Local Environment Management and Analysis (LEMA) laboratory at the university of Liège, and a lecturer at the department of urban planning at the Lebanese University, Beirut. His research interests include: urban fragmentation, local and municipal urban policies, sustainable urban planning practices and policies as well as the use of ICT technologies in participatory and engagement processes in local urban policies and projects.