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Toufic Haddad


The “End of the Two-State Solution” Spells Apartheid and Ethnic Cleansing, not Binationalism and Peace

[Portion of Israeli separation wall being built. Image by ISM Palestine. From Wikimedia Commons.]

Declaring the death of the two-state solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has become increasingly fashionable among growing sections of both right and left-wing streams of Palestinians and Israelis. The late Palestinian intellectual Edward Said was one of the first to propagate this notion in his essays on the failure of the Oslo accords and on bi-nationalism. Since then, and in the wake of a second Palestinian uprising, a unilateral Israeli redeployment from the ...

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El Acuerdo Detras del "Acuerdo Shalit" Presos, Poder y Racismo

[Image from unknown archive]

[This article was written in English by Toufic Haddad and translated/published in Spanish by] El Acuerdo Detrás del “Acuerdo Shalit” Presos, Poder y Racismo [Traducción para Rebelión de Loles Oliván] Veintiseis prisioneros palestinos incluidos en el ‘acuerdo Shalit’ ya estaban en prisión antes de que Gilad Shalit hubiera nacido. Diez de los liberados han pasado en la cárcel más tiempo que Nelson Mandela en la isla de ...

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The Deal Behind the "Shalit Deal": Prisoners, Power, Racism

[Image from unknown archive]

If the prisoner exchange deal announced on 11 October 2011 between Hamas and the Israeli government is fully implemented without major hitches, there is little question who “won” this five-year war of wills. The deal will constitute a major victory for Hamas and the resistance-oriented political forces in Palestinian society, while simultaneously representing a significant retreat for Israel and its historical doctrines of forceful coercion and rejectionism vis-à-vis the ...

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Who Killed Vik?

[Vik in Gaza. Image from unknown archive]

I never knew Vittorio “Vik” Arrigoni before his tragic death in Gaza City on 15 April 2011. I won’t pretend to piece together who Vik was or what lay behind his passions. But before he slips from the headlines to the footnotes, it is worth attempting to make an accounting of this terrible death that has shocked the Palestinian movement. His death cannot be allowed to pass without considering what it tells us about ourselves, our movement and our collective future. While it ...

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