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Jon Argaman

Cairo: The Myth of a City on the Verge of Explosion

[Cairo Traffic. Image by Andy Serrano via]

Cairo is a crowded city. It is a truism that is easy to find in reportage about the city, which almost invariably begins with a description of Cairo as teeming, noisy, dusty, and polluted. Vendors and parked cars take over sidewalks for lack of space, while pedestrians walk amongst traffic. Shouts and car horns drown out everything else and traffic jams stretch on for miles. Numbers back up the impression: In 2006, just as the a long-term "visioning" exercise known ...

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Jon Argaman


Jon Argaman is a PhD Candidate in political science at the University of Pennsylania. He researches the ways in which city building and questions of urban form emerge as sites of contestation over citizenship and identity. His dissertation research focuses on large planning and building projects in Cairo, Egypt, prior to the 2011 uprising.