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Eric Gordy


On Protests in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Quickly and Darkly

[A woman protests in front of a police cordon with banner “We want resignations” in the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo on Sunday 9 February 2014. Image by Amel Emric via Associated Press]

Two Vignettes Conversation One was with the waiter in a large Sarajevo hotel, where we were generally a bit sheepish to be attending our conference (the deciding factor was that it was big enough for all of the participants, the down side was its odd business history and the fact that the main conference room was also where Radovan Karadžić liked to hold his soirees with the media). A colleague and I had heard that the employees of the hotel had not been paid for several ...

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Eric Gordy is a political sociologist, teaching politics of Southeast Europe at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies of University College London. He is editor of East Ethnia, a source of news and commentary on the Balkan region. His publications include Guilt, Responsibility and Denial: The Past at Stake in Post-Milošević Serbia (2013) and The Culture of Power in Serbia: Nationalism and the Destruction of Alternatives (1999). Click here to view a complete listing of his books and articles. Without a lot of enthusiasm, he will sometimes appear in media.