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Prachi Patankar


Ghosts of Yogas Past and Present

[Adivasi Ekta Parishad (Conference of Adivasi Unity) gathering in Rajasthan, India. Photo by Satish Londhe.]

My Facebook feed has recently been saturated with posts and articles regarding yoga in the United States. It has been very frustrating to read about how white people teaching and doing yoga is apparently “traumatic” for South Asian Americans. I grew up in a village eight hours away from Mumbai. As someone from a Bahujan (lower-caste) farmer family in rural India, “yoga” was something very distant to me. It lived in the culture of the brahmanic upper middle class of urban ...

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Prachi Patankar


Prachi Patankar is an activist, educator, and arts administrator. She grew up in rural India, raised by a freedom-fighter grandmother and parents deeply involved in peasant movements. For over a decade in New York City, she has been part of movements against war, police brutality, and racism. She has done popular-education organizing and media-literacy training through social-justice organizations like Youth Solidarity Summer and Palestine Education Project. Prachi is currently involved with South Asia Solidarity Initiative, War Resisters League, and Afghan Women's Mission.