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Alexander Christie-Miller


Notes on Turkey's Local Elections

[Supporters of the CHP carry

After weeks of tension and uncertainty, there was an almost carnival atmosphere at polling stations in Istanbul on 30 March—at least during the daytime. The sun shone from a crisp, blue sky, and there was a sense among government supporters and detractors alike that Turkey’s long spiral into political crisis since the outbreak of anti-government protests last summer could somehow be arrested or reversed by the one thing the country has long prided itself on doing well: ...

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'Seni bilen hayran, bilmeyen dusman' or, Why Erdogan Remains so Popular

[Photo by Alexander Christie-Miller.]

“Seni bilen hayran, bilmeyen düşman” or, Why Erdoğan Remains so Popular At a rally in Istanbul’s Bakırköy district last Saturday, members of the all-female audience were whipped up like teenagers at a pop concert long before the main speaker arrived. “Who are we waiting for?” teased the compere. “Recep Tayyip Erdoğan!” they roared in reply. When I asked some of the women what they liked about Turkey’s Prime Minister, most struggled at first to respond, as if his ...

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Alexander Christie-Miller


Alexander Christie-Miller is a freelance journalist, writer, and photographer, based in Istanbul since 2010. He is the Turkey correspondent for the Times of London as well as for the Christian Science Monitor and His work has also been published in The Atlantic, Der Spiegel, The Middle East Report, and Vice. You can read more of his work on his website and follow him on Twitter.