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Ahmad H. Sa'di


In Memoriam: Janet Abu-Lughod

[The eight circuits of the Thirteenth century world system. Janet Abu-Lughod,

Professor Janet Abu-Lughod sociologist, demographer, comparative urbanist, and scholar of  world systems also belonged to the first generation of scholars who made possible sound scholarly discussions on Palestine in and beyond the US academy. Along with her colleagues, she acted on two fronts.  First, she had to do serious research on the Palestinians, much of which was done from scratch, and present it to a prejudiced or skeptical audience. Second, she ...

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Ahmad H. Sa'di


Ahmad H. Sa’di teaches in the department of Politics & Government, Ben-Gurion University. He co-edited jointly with Lila Abu-Lughod the book, Nakba: Palestine, 1948 and the Claims of Memory (New-York: Columbia University Press, 2004). His book, Thorough Surveillance: The Genesis of Israeli Policies of Population Management, Surveillance & Political Control towards the Palestinians (Manchester: Manchester University Press) has just been published. His academic work has been published in referee journals and edited volumes in English, Arabic,  Hebrew, Japanese, and German.