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Asli Ikizoglu Erensu

Asylum and the Right to the City: Lessons from Turkey’s Syrian Guests and Other Urban Refugees

[A Syrian refugee center on the Turkish border. Image from Wikimedia Commons.]

The mass movement of Syrians fleeing civil war to neighboring countries has become called the “Syrian refugee crisis.” The sheer volume of refugees brings up questions not only regarding these countries’ financial means and organizational capabilities but also, more importantly, regarding national identity and regional belonging. For example, reports on Jordan point to national concerns about the possible changes in the country’s demographic balance, while refugee rights ...

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Asli Ikizoglu Erensu


Asli Ikizoglu Erensu was born in 1983 in Istanbul. She has a BA in Social and Political Sciences from Sabanci University, Turkey, and an MA in Sociology from University of Essex, UK. She is currently doing a PhD in Geography at University of Minnesota. Her ongoing dissertation research is on the emergent spaces and temporalities of asylum control through the case of Turkey and the urban consequences of its asylum-seeker dispersal policy.