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Fabio Vicini


The Irrepressible Charm of the State: Dershane Closures and the Domestic War for Power in Turkey

[A local dershane in Antakya celebrates the success of their students on the national OKS (now know as the LGS) exam. Image via Flickr.]

The Turkish parliament's recent passing of a bill to shut down private prepatory schools (dershane) by 1 September 2015 is the last front in the all-out domestic war between the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the Gülen community. Initially announced by the Turkish prime minister on 9 September 2012, the law's first draft was published by the movement's daily Zaman last November. This re-ignited a heated debate amongst intellectuals, politicians, and the ...

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Fabio Vicini


Fabio Vicini is an anthropologist who has been conducting fieldwork in Turkey since 2005. His field of specialization is the anthropology of the Middle East, with a focus on Islam, education, and ethics, as well as sovereignty and civil society in Turkey. His dissertation was an in-depth study of Islamic life within the student houses of two offshoots of the Islamic revivalist Nur movement. Titled Islamic Education, Reasoning Practices, and Civic Engagement. The Gülen and Suffa communities in Turkey, the dissertation won the Middle East Studies Association’s (MESA) 2013 Malcolm H. Kerr Award in the Social Sciences. Part of this work has been published in Anthropology of Education Quarterly (2013), La Ricerca Folklorica (2014), and edited volumes. He is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Istanbul 29 Mayıs University.