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Liana Badr


[Liana Badr, image from Nisimazine]

The truth is I was forced to return to Beirut without knowing if he was still hiding there. Maybe he’ll come back. Pounce on me. Keep me from sleeping. He sneaks in from the balcony or from the stairs or the street corners. I hated my home because of him. I can’t stand the empty rooms,  the benches where no one sits but shadows, the features that have disappeared under dust. I would have put up with my entire life if not for his appearance. I used to lean on my will to ...

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Liana Badr is a Palestinian writer and author of acclaimed novels and short story collections. Raised in Jericho, Badr studied at the University of Jordan and the Beirut Arab University. After 1982, she moved to Damascus, then Tunis, and Amman, before returning to Palestine during the Oslo years. She runs the Cinema and Audiovisual department in the Ministry of Culture for the Palestine Authority.