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Mohamad Ali Nayel


George Wassouf: the People's Champ

[Album cover: Shei Ghareeb (Something Strange) by George Wassouf. Release date: 1993. Image by Moe Ali Nayel.]

Whenever memories take me back to the time when the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990) had just ended, one sound always echoes along the scenes: it is the special voice of that one singer who will always function as an anchor pinning down that particular slice of my remembrance of the past. Born in 1961 Kafroun, a Syrian village located in the countryside of Homs, George Wassouf came from a modest family. At the age of sixteen, he moved to Lebanon on his own and managed to find ...

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Saudi Arabia Gazes at Lebanon with Vengeance

[Image courtesy of Creative Commons.]

On 2 March 2016 Lebanon woke up to the news that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) had declared Hizballah a terrorist organization. Many perceived this as a kind of patriarchal collective punishment. Spearheaded by Saudi Arabia, the designation of Hizballah as a "terrorist" organisation can only be read as another desperate attempt by Saudi Arabia to bring its war for regional dominance to Lebanon. This form of Saudi desperation stems from the decline of its ...

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Quick Thoughts: Moe Ali Nayel on Lebanon’s Garbage Crisis and Protest Movement

[Graffiti on the wall erected by Lebanese government around the Office of the Prime Minister to prevent protesters from reaching it. Artists took to spraying, drawing, and painting various artwork critiquing the status quo. In this mural, various political parties are represented as silencing the people. Photo by Joelle Boutros]

[On 22 August 2015, what had in previous weeks been a small protest against the breakdown in garbage collection in Beirut turned into a major anti-corruption demonstration calling for fundamental political and economic change in Lebanon. The protesters have been met with escalating repressive violence, and the movement has thus far caught both coalitions of the severely polarized political establishment by surprise. Jadaliyya asked Moe Ali Nayel, a Beirut-based journalist, ...

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Tripoli’s Unseen Faces

[Some of Tripoli's youth enjoying a sunny day on the Cornish, riding an oversized makeshift tricycle. Image by author]

Over the last six years, violence has sporadically burst out in Tripoli’s impoverished neighborhoods. Walking the narrow alleys, one starts to feel the ongoing discontent of angry men who, like glowing embers, constantly flare up in conflict. Whether it is through political-sectarian agitation and/or the work of manipulation by local politicians, people remain hostage to their wretchedness. After years of political violence that has engulfed the poverty-stricken ...

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On the Struggle of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

[Syrian children gather on the outskirts of one of the camps in Lebanon. Image by author]

Spring has just landed in Lebanon. Its warmth and colors soothing the dried winter skin of the vast majority of Syrian refugees who resisted icy temperatures and freezing to death underneath thin canvas tents. Lebanon is now home to approximately one million Syrians, displaced from their war-ravaged cities and towns in Syria. Amid unfettered exploitations, Syrian families, forced to seek refuge in Lebanon, have fought a hostile season in a hostile environment that they ...

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Mohamad Ali Nayel


Moe Ali Nayel is a freelance journalist based in Beirut, Lebanon. He is also a producer at and a contributing editor for the Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup.