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Varak Ketsemanian


The Confiscation of Armenian Properties: An Interview with Umit Kurt

[Cover of Ümit Kurt and Taner Akçam,

The following interview with Ümit Kurt tackles how the physical annihilation of the Armenians paralleled the confiscation and appropriation of their properties in 1915. By citing the various laws and decrees that orchestrated the confiscation process, Kurt places our understanding of the genocide within a legal context. Ümit Kurt is a native of Aintab, Turkey, and holds a bachelor of science degree in political science and public administration from Middle East Technical ...

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Varak Ketsemanian


Varak Ketsemanian received his BA in philosophy (with a minor in history) from the American University of Beirut (AUB). His articles have appeared in the Lebanese Armenian Aztag Daily and AUB’s Outlook. He is currently interning at Armenian Weekly in Boston.