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Zineb Belmkaddem


Moroccan Authorities Arrest Rapper El Haqed (Mouad Belrhouate) . . . Again

[Image of Mouad Belrhouate (El Haqed) after he was first released from jail in 2012. Image from Wikimedia Commons.]

[The following is a post Moroccan activist Zineb Belmkaddem published on her blog following a conversation she had with Mouad Belrhouate (El Haqed's) brother, Hamza Belrhouate. As of 20 May 2014, Mouad Belrhouate remains in police custody, and his hearing was adjourned until tomorrow 21 May 2014. This is the third time Mouad has been held in prison within the past three years.] By repetitively arresting and beating an artist who does not sugar-coat Morocco’s dark side, and ...

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