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Giulia Guadagnoli


Dodging City Archive / Beirut Chapter

[Daraj / Steps: Sanayeh, March 2011. Photo by Giulia Guadagnoli.]

(Photos and text by Giulia Guadagnoli, unless otherwise noted.) I started walking around Beirut in 2010. An initial feeling of exhaustion by overwhelming physical obstacles and blind corners evolved into an enthusiasm for the solutions adopted by inhabitants to rest, trespass, bypass, and envision. This collection of pictures is the result of such enthusiastic and ongoing explorations. My curiosity for trying different trails and paths in my daily trips first led me to ...

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Giulia Guadagnoli

Giulia Guadagnoli is an independent researcher and consultant in the fields of planning and development. She lives in Beirut, where she is currently enrolled as a graduate student in the master’s program in Urban Planning and Policy at the American University of Beirut, after different experiences in the Middle East working on local development, heritage preservation, informal settlements, socio-educational services, and gender mainstreaming.  She has a long record of collaborative action/research projects in Italy and in Lebanon where she engaged with the body, sexuality, and urban sociability of migrant second-generation youth. Her most recent areas of interest are strategic planning, public space, urban morphology, and urban greening. She likes to define herself as a walk-a-holic socio-spatial analyst obsessed with maps, cities, nasty kids, and women’s wonders.