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Wafa Ben Hassine and Nizar Ben Ayed


Tunisian Heritage is Not for Sale: Privatization Threatens Country’s Historic Sites

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In a rather low-key, overlooked way, the Tunisian Minister of Culture, Mourad Sakli, announced yesterday on a radio program on Jawhara FM that the ministry plans on privatizing Tunisian heritage sites. The plan is to have private companies lease the sites for periods of twenty-five to thirty years. The minister justified the privatization plan by referencing the dire state of affairs over at the Tunisian National Heritage Institute. Namely, how the Institute only ...

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Wafa Ben Hassine and Nizar Ben Ayed


Wafa Ben Hassine is a public law and political science graduate of the University of California, San Diego and who is now pursuing international legal studies at the University of Denver. She actively and continuously promotes the values of free expression, equal opportunity and rights, and social and environmental sustainability.

Nizar Ben Ayed is a fusion scientist based in the United Kingdom. View his LinkedIn profile here.