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Khalil Shaheen


Quick Thoughts: Khalil Shaheen on Palestinian Reconciliation and the New Palestinian Authority Government

[Israeli soldiers stationed on a street in occupied Bethlehem, West Bank, streets near a mural by the artist Banksy during protests against Israeli attacks on Gaza, 20 November 2012. Image by Ryan Rodrick Beiler via]

[On 23 April 2014 representatives of the rival Palestinian movements Fatah and Hamas signed the Beach Camp Agreement, named after the Gaza Strip refugee camp where it was concluded. In order to assess the latest agreement meant to end the schism in the Palestinian political system, Jadaliyya turned to leading Palestinian political analyst Khalil Shaheen]: Jadaliyya (J): The new Palestinian Authority (PA) government seems very similar to the outgoing government in Ramallah. ...

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Khalil Shaheen


Khalil Shaheen is a Palestinian journalist, media expert, researcher, and prominent political commentator analyst. He is currently Director of Research and Policies and Board Member at The Palestine Center for Policy Research and Strategic Studies  (MASARAT) in Ramallah. He has during his career served as journalist, editor and researcher at several institutions, newspapers and magazines in Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus, Jordan, and Palestine.