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Lisette Johnston


The BBC and User-Generated Content: How Syrian Grassroots Information Shaped Newsroom Roles

[Screenshot from BBC coverage featuring user-generated content]

It’s probably the first big story I can remember where UGC has become a real factor in reporting, I think before that the UGC Hub was a department which was a bit unclear how you would best use them...But with Syria we were so exposed out there with not many people we had to use something. And they would become integral to reporting basically because they were only the source of getting some idea of what was happening.[1] It’s just after two o'clock on the morning of 21 ...

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Lisette Johnston


Lisette Johnston is a third year Journalism PhD student at City University in London. Her research interests include social media and citizen journalism and how their use impacts on broadcast coverage. She has been a journalist for twelve years, the past four with BBC TV News, and is currently a senior broadcast journalist for BBC World News. This role gives a unique insight into the workings of a major news organization and how social media and user-generated content are used there. Her current research is focused on the Arab uprisings and the Syria conflict.