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Khalil Sweileh


Khalil Sweileh

Khalil Sweileh is a Syrian novelist who was born in al-Hasakah in 1959. He studied history at Damascus University. In addition to Barbarian’s Paradise (جنة البرابرة), Sweileh published the novels Writing Love (ورّاق الحب) in 2002, Express Mail (بريد عاجل) in 2004, Don’t Blame Me (دع عنك لومي) in 2006, Zuhur, Sara, and Nariman (زهور وسارة وناريمان) in 2008, and The Gazelle Will Come to You (سيأتيك الغزال) in 2011.

Sweileh received the Naguib Mahfouz Prize for Arabic Literature in 2009 for his novel Writing Love, which was translated into English by Alexa Firat and published by AUC Press in 2012.

He can be reached at