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Reem Abd Ulhamid


Palestinianness on Facebook: Portrayals, Profiles, and Encoding the Self

[The viral solidarity with Palestinian prisoners campaign design. By Hafez Omar]

I would like to think that we are not just the people seen or looked at in photographs: we are also looking at our observers….we too are scrutinizing, assessing, judging. We are more than someone’s object. We do more than stand passively in front of whoever…has wanted to look at us. -- Edward Said, After the Last Sky  Over the course of several decades in the Palestinian history, Palestinians have been the subject of thousands if not millions of ...

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Reem Abd Ulhamid


Reem Abd Ulhamid has a BA in communication and media studies from Birzeit University and an MA in global communications from the the American University of Paris. Abd Ulhamid has held numerous positions in media for over seven years and has served as researcher, editor, producer, and director for different organizations. Her most recent work is focused on developments in social media and web 2.0.