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Sanaa Alimia


A Sense of Nervous Anticipation Looms in Pakistan

[Pakistani men reading papers about Osama bin Laden's killing. Image from T Mughal/EPA]

There is a nervous tension in the air in Peshawar after the killing of Osama bin Laden. Over the past couple of days, people are holding their breath. Waiting. Waiting to see what will happen next. Rumors are rampant. It almost feels as if death is right now looming above people’s heads. Death, people feel, is waiting to strike Peshawar, waiting to strike Pakistan, yet again. We hope not. We pray not. Yet everyone here feels that things are about to get worse, yet ...

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Sanaa Alimia


Sanaa Alimia is a PhD Candidate from the School of Oriental and African Studies in the Politics and International Studies Department. She is specializing on Pakistan and Afghanistan, with specific attention to Afghan refugees. She is currently based in Peshawar.