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Jeremy F. Walton

Beyond Convivencia and Conflict? Reflections on the History and Memory of Andalusian and Ottoman Religious Belonging

[Last views of the Alhambra. Photo by Nic McPhee via Flickr]

The myth of Europa is, at basis, a parable of partition and estrangement. Zeus, camouflaged as a docile white bull, kidnaps the maiden Europa from her homeland in Phoenicia and whisks her away to Crete, where he offers her gifts and succor. Europa enters legend, and then history, by turning her back on her Levantine origins. She only becomes Zeus’ beloved by virtue of exile. More abstractly, the myth of Europa suggests that traces of “difference”—other places, other ...

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Beyond Blame: Troubling the Semiotic Ideology of Muslim Passion

[Image by Chris Rojas via Flickr]

In the months following the tragic murders at the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a kosher grocery in Paris, reactions to the attacks predictably gravitated toward two polar positions. Pundits and politicians in Western Europe and North America—almost entirely non-Muslim—deplored not only the murders themselves, but also the ostensible incompatibility between Islam and freedom of speech and expression in general. Although this chorus of condemnation ...

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The Poverty of Moral Answers to Political Questions: On Perceptions of Islam in the Wake of ISIS

Recent weeks and months have witnessed a frustrated sense of déjà vu on the part of many Islamic Studies scholars in North America and  Western Europe. In the wake of 11 September 2001, scholars of Islam were frequently called upon to explain the marginality of al-Qa'ida’s bellicose interpretation of the sources of the tradition and to argue against the substitution of this marginal vision for the whole of Islam. In his influential book Good Muslim, Bad Muslim, ...

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Jeremy F. Walton


Jeremy F. Walton is a postdoctoral fellow working in “The Politics of Secularism and the Emergence of New Religiosities” at CETREN Center for Transregional Research, Georg August University of Göttingen.