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Chantal Berman


Two Films for the Syrian Unraveling

[Still from Omar Amiralay's

A Flood in Baath Country. Directed by Omar Amiralay. 2003. Tea on the Axis of Evil. Directed by Jean Marie Offenbacher. 2009.   As detentions of Syrian activists escalate and reports surface of nearly 500 dead, it is worth recalling that during the throes of Tahrir Square three months ago, all seemed quiet in Syria. Newspapers pronounced Syria “stable” and the risk of large-scale protest “unlikely,” and Bashar al-Assad used a rare interview with the Wall Street ...

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Chantal Berman


Chantal Berman is a recent graduate of Brown University with degrees in International Relations and Middle East Studies. She wrote her senior honors thesis on Syrian and Lebanese responses to the Iraqi refugee crisis, and has since completed several articles on this topic, including for the Middle East Institute's project on protracted displacement. Chantal co-founded the Providence Palestinian Film Festival and is the producer of several video and audio documentaries on politics and human security in the Middle East. Chantal currently works as a Broadcast Producer with Radio Open Source with Chris Lydon.