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The Civil Campaign to Preserve the Dalieh of Beirut


Dalieh’s Civil Campaign’s Open Competition: Three Winning Entries

Last June 2015, The Civil Campaign to Preserve the Dalieh of Beirut announced its open ideas competition results at the Lebanese Ministry of Environment. The jury selected three winning entries from twenty submissions. The selection was made on the basis on the projects’ sensitivity to the urban context, reaffirming the historical identity of Dalieh as a space for the public, functionality, flexibility, and economic feasibility, ecological and environmental sustainability, ...

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Dalieh Civil Campaign’s Open Competition: Background Report

The Civil Campaign to Protect the Dalieh of Raoucheh authored a competition brief to guide all participants to the competition in elaborating and proposing their entries. It is available in English and Arabic on the Campaign’s website. In addition, the Civil Campaign authored a rich background report providing text, narratives, images, testimonies, analytical maps, and legal references about the site. It includes information about the Civil Campaign beginnings, progressive ...

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Dalieh’s Civil Campaign’s Open Competition: Results

When we started working on the ''Revisiting Dalieh'' competition about a year ago, our goal was to involve the largest number of people in shaping visions for the location of Dalieh of Raouche, as a starting point for a public debate about the common spaces in the city. We wanted to present alternative visions to the current practices along the Lebanese coast, serving as models or pilots for the design, management, and sustainability of similar spaces. We also wanted to ...

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Dalieh’s Civil Campaign’s Open Ideas Competition: Jury Report

[Image from Dalieh-n]

The jury held its official deliberation on Saturday 30 May 2015 at the Issam Fares Institute at the American University of Beirut. The jury members included Jad Chaaban (AUB); Habib Debs (URBI); Marwan Ghandour (Iowa State University); Hans Kienle (University of Stuttgart); Jala Makhzoumi (AUB); Nizar Saghieh (Legal Agenda); Jad Tabet (URBI, UNESCO); Andreja Tutundzic (IFLA); as well as deputy jurors Wafa Charafeddine (CDR) and Mona Harb (AUB). The jury unanimously elected ...

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Revisiting Dalieh: Beirut-Based Events, 31 May - 12 June 2015

The following are a list of events we invite the public to attend and participate in as part of our broader campaign around saving the Dalieh. Sunday May 31, 2015: Join us at Dalieh Campaign Kiosk, 10:00am - 11:00pm Ahla Fawda ''Tout Tout a Beirut " Hamra Street Festival Monday June 1, 2015: Revisiting Dalieh Competition Open Ideas Competition, 11:00am Press Conference Announcing Projects Selected by Jury Ministry of Environment, Lazarieh Center, Green ...

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Call for Designs--Revisiting Dalieh: Calling for Alternative Visions along Beirut’s Coast

Revisiting Dalieh: Calling for Alternative Visions along Beirut’s Coast In an effort to prevent the transformation of Dalieh – the last of the natural headlands overlooking Beirut’s emblematic Sakhret el-Raouche (Pigeon’s Rock)–to another private beach resort, the “Civil Campaign to Protect the Dalieh of Raouche” is launching this Ideas Competition to solicit visions for safeguarding Dalieh as a unique natural site and a shared open space. The Competition is ...

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Open Letter to Mr. Rem Koolhaas

[Banner facing the Raoucheh Rock:

We have recently learned that the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) has been commissioned to develop a design for a projected development on a prime sea-front location in Beirut (Lebanon): the Dalieh of Raoucheh. Proposing a private development over such a prime social, national, archeological and geological landmark in Lebanon has generated an ongoing public outcry, in the form of protests, letters to officials, discussions, and media mobilization. We are writing ...

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The Civil Campaign to Preserve the Dalieh of Beirut

The Civil Campaign to Preserve the Dalieh of Beirut is a coalition of individuals and non-governmental organizations who came together since March 2014 in order to advocate for the preservation and enhancement of the role of Dalieh as an openly accessible, shared space for all city dwellers and visitors. Partners in the coalition are strong committed to preserve Beirut's shared spaces, particularly its seafront facade, as well as ecological and cultural diversity as pillars of the city's livability. The coalition works using legal and civic tools to protect Dalieh as a shared and unrestricted space for people. The Campaign loosely began in November 2013 through a petition that circulated on social media. It then evolved into a campaign under the slogan "Lift your Warcheh off our Raoucheh" (warcheh means construction site in Arabic). Throughout 2014, the Campaign has sent official letters to ministries, organized activities in Dalieh, prepared legal and environmental research, as well as produced slogans, visuals and videos to promote this space. It also archived old photographs of th esite, published press releases and filed lawsuits, along with other interventions.