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Leili Kashani


Still Seeking Justice for Those Who Died at Guantanamo: Two Letters on Father's Day

[Talal Al-Zahrani and his son Yasser Al-Zahrani. Yasser was 22 when he died at Guantanamo in 2006. Image from Center for Constitutional Rights.]

This month marks five years since three men who were never charged with any crime died in US custody at Guantánamo under circumstances that remain unexplained and that were never independently investigated. The men’s names were Yasser Al-Zahrani, Salah Al-Salami, and Mani Al-Utaybi, and they reportedly died on June 9 or 10, 2006. The military has persistently maintained that their deaths were suicides by hanging. Rear Admiral Harry Harris, commander of ...

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Iranians In Solidarity with Egyptians and Tunisians Need Your Support, Now

[Poster for 25 Bahman (February 14) demonstrations, from the 25 Bahman Facebook page]

While celebrating the exhilarating achievements of the popular democratic uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, I have also been consumed with a restless hope and deepening concern for Iranians with parallel dreams of realizing a free and democratic society. Iranian pro-democracy activists and opposition figures Mir Hossein Moussavi and Mehdi Karroubi have called for peaceful rallies across the country today, on the 25th of Bahman (February 14), to express solidarity for the ...

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DC Court Closes Door to Families of Men Who Died At Guantanamo

[Image from CCR-video link in text below]

On September 28, 2010, Judge Ellen Huvelle affirmed the D.C. District Court’s decision to dismiss Al-Zahrani v. Rumsfeld, a civil lawsuit brought by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and co-counsel concerning three men who died in detention at Guantánamo in June 2006. Her decision came despite new evidence from four soldiers stationed at the base, which strongly suggests the three men were murdered at a secret site at Guantánamo and that the government ...

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Leili Kashani


Leili Kashani is a cinephile, and an Iranian living in New York. She is the former Senior Editor at Arab Studies Journal and a former Advocacy Program Manager at the Center for Constitutional Rights. She has been active in various initiatives to end human rights abuses committed by the United States and other governments. You can follow her @caspianblues.