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Faraj Bayraqdar

Betrayals of Language and Silence

[Faraj Bayraqdar. Image from Unknown Archive]

The Costliest Dream in the World Many talked to me about the charge that led Mazen to prison. I do not know why I always felt that they were adding all kinds of spices to the story. The whole thing seemed like one big heap of spices from the very beginning. At first, you could only be suspicious as you see the heedless spirit with which they regarded the most dangerous and horrific of calamities.I wondered whether prisoners have a psychological urge that pushes them to ...

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فرج بيرقدار، مقاطع من مرايا الغياب

[لوحة للفنان السوري سبهان آدم، مواليد الحسكة، ١٩٧٢]

كان يمكن لهذه المرايا أن تكون مطراً صافياً أو صمتاً صافياً أو دمعاً صافياً على الأقل. بيد أن الظروف كانت من حجر وكان صليل الزمان والمكان مضرَّجاً بما يشبه الدم وبما يشبه الجنون وبما يشبه الآلهة وبما لا يشبه شيئاً على الإطلاق. ١ شكراً لما لا بدَّ لهُ أن يمضي. وشكراً لما لا بدَّ لهُ أن يأتي. وشكراً لما لا يعطي نفسَهُ لغير الصمت ولا يؤوب. لا يؤوب أبداً.    ٤ قلبه جرس وجسده كنيسة وعيناه مغمضتان على امرأةٍ ترتدي حزنها وتقيم ...

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Faraj Ahmad Bayrakdar was born in Homs, Syria, in 1951. He studied Arabic at the University of Damascus. He was arrested by Syrian Military Intelligence in 1987 on suspicion of membership of the Party for Communist Action. He was held incommunicado for almost seven years and was tortured. In 1993 he was sentenced to fifteen years in prison. Bayrakdar was released in November 2000 following an amnesty without obligation to renounce his political activities. He left to Sweden and has been living there since 2005. His poems have been translated into numerous languages.