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Salman Abu Sitta

Could Cantonizing Palestine Bring Peace?

[A boy displays a sign that reads “This is our land!” during a vigil to mark Land Day in the unrecognized Bedouin village of Wadi al-Naam in present-day Israel, 30 March 2012. Bedouins in the southern Naqab region have resisted decades of ongoing, forced displacement by Israeli authorities. Image by Keren Manor via ActiveStills]

An interesting plan for dividing Israel into provinces was published a few months ago by Haaretz. It suggested a remedy for the fragmentation of Israeli society and its failure to create a melting pot for Jews immigrating to Palestine. In this article I provide a critique of the pros and cons of this plan and offer an alternative. The scheme, laid out by Carlo Strenger and Judd Yadid in a 7 October 2014 article entitled “How Cantonization can save Israel,” admits that ...

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Salman Abu Sitta


Salman H. Abu Sitta is a Palestinian researcher who writes about Palestinian refugees and the Palestinian Right of Return. Abu Sitta is a former member of the Palestinian National Council, the founder and President of the Palestine Land Society and is the general coordinator of the Right of Return Congress. He has written over 300 articles and papers on Palestinian refugees and the Right of Return.