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Eylem Akdeniz and Emrah Göker


Becoming a 'Media Intellectual': The Platitudes and Partisanships of Etyen Mahçupyan

[Etyen Mahçupyan. Image via Wikimedia Commons.]

As politics in contemporary Turkey is gradually steered towards a de facto Imperial Presidency shrouded in regurgitated myths of Ottoman revivalism and defended against ostentatious conspiracies, it is easy to be sucked into the extreme polarization between the pro- and anti-government positions. It is also easy to take for granted the operation of a complex world of opinion production behind all the fuss. Those of us following political news in Turkey are always exposed to ...

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Eylem Akdeniz and Emrah Göker


Eylem Akdeniz is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at Istanbul Kemerburgaz University. She can be contacted at

Emrah Göker is a research support officer at Koç University in Istanbul and blogs on social and political issues (in Turkish) at He can be contacted at