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Naomi Davidson


The Vagaries of Laïcité

[Detail from the cover of Naomi Davidson,

[This is the second of three responses to Muriam Haleh Davis’ review essay of books by Joan W. Scott, Naomi Davidson, and Mayanthi Fernando. For Joan W. Scott’s response, “More on Laïcité in Historical Context," click here.] A cartoon by the French cartoonist Gil from 10 January, titled “Communion nationale,” shows a white policeman frisking an ambiguously raced man standing against the wall with his hands in the air. “Je suis Charlie,” says the man, and the policeman ...

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Naomi Davidson


Naomi Davidson is associate professor of history at the University of Ottawa. She is the author of Only Muslim: Embodying Islam in Twentieth-Century France (Cornell, 2012), which was awarded Honorable Mention for the 2012–2013 Alf Andrew Heggoy Book Prize of the French Colonial Historical Society.