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Khalil Asmar


The Stages of Peaceful Resistance in the Occupied Western Sahara

[Image of a demonstrated in Assa, Western Sahara calling for the release of Sahrawi activists imprisoned by Moroccan authorities]

Introduction In any history of occupation, the forms of resistance the colonized populations adopted have been shaped by, and shape, the modes of occupations. Peaceful resistance in the Western Sahara has been no different; Saharawi methods of nonviolent protest underwent transformations, first during Spanish colonialism and throughout several phases under Moroccan occupation. The Saharawi peoples’ ongoing struggle to secure their independence has faced repressive ways and ...

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Khalil Asmar


Khalil Asmar is the pseudonym of a Saharawi writer, blogger, and online activist based in the occupied territories of the Western Sahara. His full biography has been withheld for his own safety.