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Marina Iordan


It’s a Kind of a Domesticated Wilderness: An Interview with Abbas Akhavan

[Abbas Akhavan's

People ask me, “What does it mean?” And I say: “It doesn’t mean anything.” Evidently, the work of Toronto-based artist Abbas Akhavan carries connotations, pointing the viewer to a certain direction. Yet the artist refrains from pedagogic messages, thus encouraging viewers to form their own opinions. At the core of Akhavan’s practice, which he defines as a declination of possible answers to the same problem, lies the idea of the sacred—the respect of nature’s welcoming ...

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Driven by Storms: An Interview with Sadik Alfraji and Nat Muller

[Detail of Sadik Alfraji's

Diluting the melancholic longing for unattainable dreams, which will only ever remain dreams, Sadik Alfraji injects the possibility of hope into his latest exhibition, currently on view at Ayyam Gallery Dubai’s Al Quoz outpost. Curated by Nat Muller, who also edited Alfraji’s first monograph, Driven by Storms (Ali’s Boat) stems from a drawing that the Netherlands-based artist received in 2009 from his nephew Ali. Alfraji drew on the aesthetics of Ali’s boat, symbolising a ...

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Marina Iordan

Marina Iordan is a contemporary art consultant and writer based in the UAE. Iordan regularly contributes to a number of publications, which all have Middle Eastern culture as a common thread. Her most recent articles were published in Selections Magazine, Contemporary Practices, Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia, and Aesthetica Magazine. Through her blog, My Velvet Instant, she explores the art scene in and out of Dubai, focusing on contemporary art from the Middle East and Arab world more broadly.