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Michael Fares

Ghassan Kanafani's The Stolen Shirt

[Ghassan Kanafani [1936-1972]

[What follows is a translation of a short story written by Ghassan Kanfani in 1958, entitled “The Stolen Shirt.” Although among his relatively lesser known works, especially as compared to his far-reaching novels Men in The Sun and All That’s Left for You, this short story is no less representative of Kanafani’s masterful storytelling. It is also just as representative of the often subliminal, disjointed, and non-linear narrative style he is known for, and through which he ...

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Michael Fares

Michael Fares is an Instructional Assistant Professor of Arabic at the University of Houston. He received his M.A. in Arabic from the University of Texas at Austin with a focus on teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language, and has taught Arabic to undergraduate students representing a diverse variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and interests. In addition to modern Arabic literature and the Arabic short story, Michael’s interests include teaching Arabic as a foreign language, learning language through culture, and Arabic dialect variation and similarity to Modern Standard Arabic.